ExpertWMS® is a solution supplied to companies operating in manufacturing, commercial and service sectors. It allows to effectively optimize internal logistics processes within the human resources, storage space, the possibility of using zones, as well as to modify flows and increase productivity It also allows to analyse employees activities, goods turnover, rates of utilization of the command and execution processes. Reduces picking costs while increasing the efficiency and quality of customer service. Full compatibility with GS-1 allows you to print any labels (logistics, pallet, cargo, location, etc.) in the international standard. Easy configuration of terminal interface settings as well as warehouse manager’s interface allows you to manage each internal logistic company event (integration with warehouse automation, weighing hook, prints bills of lading, etc.) – both in terms of the algorithms used, as well as the “manual” controlling. In manufacturing companies the solution also supports real time management of raw materials, production processes settlement according to implemented technology, replenishment of production lines and sections.

♦ WMS (Warehouse Management System) class system

♦ optimization of company processes in warehouse logistics

♦ supporting of warehouse management on operational and management level

♦ simultaneous cooperation with multiple ERP systems

♦ real-time event logging

♦ customizable permissions and duties of an operator

♦ utilization of bar code technology, RFID, Voice Picking

♦ flexibility, fully customizable from admin level

♦ Integration with warehouse automation and video systems (sliding racks, rotary conveyors, pick-to-light, stacker cranes, sorters, scales)

♦ GS1 compatibility